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WestJet Cargo is ready for take-off in 2023

[ January 11, 2023   //   ]

For WestJet Cargo, 2022 will certainly be a year to remember. The essential changes of the last few months have indeed been key in building the foundations for its future success. To start with, working with GTA contributed to massively increase its services and shipping capacities in Canada. Moreover, launching a new cargo platform in partnership with SmartKargo, new routes such as Los Angeles (LAX) and Orlando (MCO) and the announcement of 4 dedicated freighters to start operating in the new year have all contributed to affirm WestJet Cargo’s position as a strong player in the demanding Canadian air freight market.
But it is above all by strengthening the team dedicated to cargo that WestJet Cargo has distinguished itself. The appointment of Kirsten De Bruijn as Executive Vice President, followed by the arrival of Bharat Bhatia as Head of Cargo Operations and Hao Cai as Manager of Network Planning, Revenue Management & Interline Analytics will certainly reap great rewards for the carrier in the coming months.
In 2023, WestJet Cargo is due to continue to follow its clear vision to be the up and coming cargo carrier, providing customers with creative, agile and flexible solutions and always committing to reliability. Forthcoming recruitments will complete an already highly skilled and expert team of customer-oriented and open-minded professionals. It is also through its people that WestJet Cargo will achieve its mission: to ensure customer satisfaction through a unique creative approach based on human qualities, out of the box thinking and a strong will power.
Kirsten De Bruijn, Executive Vice President, is optimistic about the future: “What was achieved in 2022 was colossal and I am so proud that we managed to overcome the obstacles we encountered on the way. With our new freighters due to start operating in March, WestJet Cargo will be asserting its position in the market. Our strong identity supported by a new wave of energy and team spirit will hugely boost our development, allowing us to meet the coming challenges and making us an essential player in the industry.”
With a new digital platform, a new team, new routes and new freighters on top of a clear vision and mission, WestJet Cargo is ticking all the boxes to look forward to a bright future. With that in mind, 2023 will definitely be significant for WestJet Cargo. There is no other option.