A valuable addition to WestJet Cargo’s portfolio

WestJet Cargo is to launch a service for high-value freight in January 2024. SafeAir will initially be available between Canada and the US, but will shortly be expanded across the carrier’s entire network for items such as banknotes, jewellery or precious metals and stones. Security measures prevent tampering, pilferage, and unauthorized access, include third-party oversight, direct supervision, storage protocols and high security containers. Each container bears a unique serial number and ... [+]

Wiremind and WestJet Cargo explore capacity forecasting

WestJet Cargo and Wiremind have embarked on a new initiative centered on improving capacity forecasting. An exploration Proof of Concept is underway.With WestJet Cargo’s recent renewal of its SKYPALLET contract with Wiremind, the decision to take the digital collaboration further and explore capacity forecasting improvements was made. A Proof of ... [+]

WestJet Cargo, GTA Group inaugurate three 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters

WestJet Cargo, together with the GTA Group, inaugurated the launch of three 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters on April 20 in Toronto. More celebrations are planned today in Halifax and on April 25 in Vancouver. The event marked the start of a dedicated cargo service designed to fulfill the large-scale needs ... [+]

WestJet Cargo receives Transport Canada approval

WestJet Cargo announced on March 20 that it has received Transport Canada’s approval and official certification of its four 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters (BCF). Following certification, WestJet Cargo and the GTA Group will expeditiously implement three freighters into service, as dedicated aircraft that will fulfill the large-scale needs of businesses, ... [+]

WestJet Cargo is ready for take-off in 2023

For WestJet Cargo, 2022 will certainly be a year to remember. The essential changes of the last few months have indeed been key in building the foundations for its future success. To start with, working with GTA contributed to massively increase its services and shipping capacities in Canada. Moreover, launching ... [+]

Westjet Cargo, SmartKargo launch new air cargo platform

WestJet Cargo and SmartKargo have announced the successful launch of their state-of-the-art air cargo management platform. The partnership will provide a comprehensive digital solution that will transform and strengthen WestJet Cargo’s business and user experience for customers, in advance of the upcoming arrival of its dedicated freighters. SmartKargo is a leading ... [+]

Westjet Cargo asserts commitment to cargo partnership with GTA

WestJet Cargo, the cargo division of the well-established WestJet airline, was created to meet the strong demand of the Canadian market. Following a recently announced long-term partnership with GTA, the carrier is more than ever committed to offering its customers massively increased services worldwide.Already well-known for being a very caring ... [+]

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