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Wen-Parker Logistics, 4ocean Partner

[ March 1, 2024   //   ]

Wen-Parker Logistics and 4ocean have formed a partnership to fund a worldwide cleanup initiative of ocean and coastline wastes with a flip of the wrist.
Elmont, NY-based Wen-Parker, a supply chain services provider since 1997, will take advantage of 4ocean’s process to converting recyclable materials into bracelets and jewelry.
4ocean, founded in 2017, sees sales of its 4ocean bracelet as a means to fund a worldwide cleanup initiative. Crafted using recycled materials, each bracelet purchase contributes to the extraction of five pounds of ocean and coastline waste. In less than 6 years, 4ocean has sold enough bracelets to pull more than 16,500 tons of trash from the ocean.
“We are thrilled about our collaboration with 4ocean. We are committed to leaving a better earth for the next generation,” said Shana Riggs, Wen-Parker Logistics’ vice president of operations.
Other plastics are even recycled and processed into raw materials that manufacturers can use to create new products without using virgin plastics.
“Their programs and mission statement align with our current sustainability values. Wen-Parker has committed to removing 20,000 pounds this year and hopes to include our customers in future pledges to work together to keep our waters clean,” said Karla Hatley, WPL’s president of North America.
Wen-Parker Logistics serves more than 80 countries across six continents.
About 4ocean
4ocean employs professional full-time captains and crews to recover plastic and other harmful debris from the world’s oceans, rivers and coastlines, and its efforts are funded primarily through the sale of its products.

4ocean converts recyclable materials into bracelets and jewelry. PHOTO: 4ocean

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