Wen-Parker Logistics, 4ocean Partner

Wen-Parker Logistics and 4ocean have formed a partnership to fund a worldwide cleanup initiative of ocean and coastline wastes with a flip of the wrist.Elmont, NY-based Wen-Parker, a supply chain services provider since 1997, will take advantage of 4ocean’s process to converting recyclable materials into bracelets and jewelry.4ocean, founded in 2017, sees sales of its 4ocean bracelet as a means to fund a worldwide cleanup initiative. Crafted using recycled materials, ... [+]

Wen-Parker Logistics and 4ocean Partnership Announcement

Elmont, New York-based Wen-Parker Logistics have announced a partnership with 4ocean.Founded in 2017, 4ocean was created with the mission to sell a product that would enable the company to fund a worldwide cleanup initiative.From this, their first product, the 4ocean bracelet, was born. Crafted using recycled materials, each bracelet purchase ... [+]

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