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va-Q-tec and Lufthansa Cargo cooperate in transporting pharmaceuticals

[ October 31, 2017   //   ]

Innovative passive containers for temperature-sensitive transports are now available directly from Europe’s leading cargo airline

va-Q-tec, a leading supplier of high-performance thermal containers, and Lufthansa Cargo will be cooperating in the passive temperature-controlled container market in future. Due to the new cooperation, the containers from va-Q-tec are now available worldwide at numerous stations of the cargo airline. Customers with pharmaceutical goods in particular profit from the combination of the close and extensive network of Lufthansa Cargo with the advanced container rental service of va-Q-tec.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the innovative va-Q-tainer directly to our customers. The broad portfolio of Lufthansa Cargo is thus being expanded to include an excellent choice in the passive refrigeration segment”, said Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Head of Product and Sales of Lufthansa Cargo at the signing of the contract.

Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO of va-Q-tec, added: “Our thermal containers provide five days temperature stability under even the most challenging conditions. These high performance containers will now be directly available through Lufthansa Cargo. This will have a very positive effect on Germany as the fourth largest pharmaceutical market in the world. We are very proud to have won Lufthansa Cargo as a strong partner not only in Germany but also in Asia, India, the USA and South America.”

The high-quality temperature controlled containers (“va-Q-tainer”), now offered by Lufthansa Cargo, provide temperature controlled solutions for six temperature ranges from -70°C to +25°C in five sizes, taking up to two US pallets inside. These advanced passive thermal containers offer constant temperature control over several days without the need for external energy sources. The award-winning technology enables safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods all over the world. After the beginning of the expansion of its Cool Center, the launch of the world premiere “Road Feeder Service Cool” and the rollout of a special sun-reflective film for all temperature-sensitive shipments, Europe’s leading cargo airline is continuing its push in the area of refrigerated freight with this new offer.

Lufthansa Cargo offers its customers many years of experience in the transport of temperature-controlled freight. At Lufthansa Cargo’s home-city hub in Frankfurt, customers of the airline benefit from the in-house Cool Center with the latest infrastructure, cooling rooms maintained at different temperatures, a deep-freeze compartment and direct access to the apron for the fastest possible loading. Thanks to the cooperation between va-Q-tec and Lufthansa Cargo, the high-performance va-Q-tainers are now also available there.

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