Lufthansa Cargo enables over 50 preighter flights for EgeTrans

Since last year, Lufthansa Cargo has already been offering its customers transport options in so-called preighters - passenger aircraft used for transporting cargo only. Recently, the 50th preighter connection from Frankfurt to Chicago was operated for the forwarding company EgeTrans Internationale Spedition GmbH based in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Since last December, important spare and production parts, especially for the agricultural and utility vehicle industry, have been transported on ... [+]

CO2-free en route

The Lufthansa Cargo freighter with the registration D-ALFG took flight on May 20 for the first time with a very special design: The lettering "Flying 100% CO2 neutral powered by DB Schenker" and an illustration of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) highlight the joint mission of Lufthansa Cargo and DB Schenker. ... [+]

Lufthansa Cargo lays foundation stone for new art warehouse

Lufthansa Cargo laid the foundation stone for the construction of its new art storage facility at the Frankfurt hub. The so-called ArtCube at the Lufthansa Cargo Center will in future have an area of 168 square meters and offer its customers secure and professional storage of valuable works of art ... [+]

Lufthansa Cargo sets future of the airfreight center in Frankfurt

Lufthansa Cargo is pushing ahead with the modernization of its logistics center: The airfreight company recently signed one of the highest-volume contracts in its comprehensive infrastructure program. The detailed planning and realization of the new central high-rack storage system, the centerpiece of the Frankfurt hub, will be implemented with the ... [+]

Lufthansa Cargo expands CEIV Pharma-certified network

The Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Centers in Munich and Chicago, which opened in summer 2020, were recently CEIV Pharma-certified. This means that, in addition to CEIV Pharma certification as an airline, Lufthansa Cargo offers an excellent pharma network of 32 stations worldwide. After extensive testing, the CEIV Pharma label of the ... [+]

Lufthansa Cargo posts record earnings

Lufthansa Cargo achieved the best result in its 26-year history in the 2020 financial year. Revenue rose by 11% to 2.76 billion euros, while adjusted EBIT amounted to 772 million euros (previous year: 1 million euros). This corresponds to a margin of 28% (previous year: 0%). A total of 6.5 ... [+]

Lufthansa Cargo renews airfreight center in Frankfurt

Lufthansa Cargo will further develop and renew the logistics center at its home hub in Frankfurt on a modular basis. The Supervisory Board of the German airfreight company has approved respective investments in a comprehensive infrastructure program for the logistics center. The complete modernization of the Lufthansa Cargo Center has ... [+]

Lufthansa Cargo’s transportation of COVID-19 vaccines

In view of the approvals of various COVID-19 vaccines in many countries, Lufthansa Cargo is well prepared for their global distribution in the coming months. Air freight is indispensable for the fast and reliable intercontinental distribution of highly sensitive pharmaceuticals. Therefore, a dedicated task force has prepared a variety of ... [+]

Lufthansa Cargo is ready to transport Covid-19 vaccines worldwide

Air freight is indispensable for the fast and reliable intercontinental distribution of highly sensitive pharmaceuticals. With the impending, worldwide approvals of the Covid-19 vaccine, Lufthansa Cargo is well prepared for the global distribution that will occur in the coming months. Since the spring, a specially-assembled task force has been preparing ... [+]

Lufthansa Cargo commits to UN sustainability goals

Lufthansa Cargo is aligning its corporate responsibility commitment to the sustainability goals of the United Nations (UN). Within the framework of its Agenda 2030, the United Nations had adopted 17 concrete sustainability goals, covering economic, ecological and social aspects. The Agenda 2030 aims to end hunger and poverty on ... [+]

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