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Turkish Cargo strengthens its presence with the launch of freighter service to Chennai.

[ November 14, 2016   //   ]

Along with its spectacular passenger growth, Turkish Airlines is also rapidly growing its cargo network and operations. In line with that growth, Turkish Cargo inaugurated its weekly freighter service to Chennai (MAA), beginning of November 9th, 2016. MAA (Chennai) and CMB (Colombo) cargo services will continue as 1 frequency per week.

Freighter flight schedule of MAA;

Al FlNo Start End Pattern Orig STD STA   Dest Own A/C
TK 6548 09.Nov.16 22.Mar.17 ..3…. IST 06:20 17:10   MAA TK 33X
TK 6548 09.Nov.16 22.Mar.17 ..3…. MAA 19:20 20:20   CMB TK 33X
TK 6548 09.Nov.16 22.Mar.17 ..3…. CMB 22:20 03:40 1 IST TK 33X

*All times are LMT.


Turkish Cargo provides one of the most efficient connections to the leading production and commercial centers across the globe. As from the beginning of the IATA Winter Schedule 2016-17, Turkish Cargo has been present at 292 destinations, including 64 freighter destinations, in 117 countries by its 13 freighters and 323 passenger aircrafts.