Turkish Cargo Starts its Operations at Istanbul Airport on March 2

Providing services to 124 countries worldwide with the title of the fastest growing air cargo brand in the world, Turkish Cargo will now also be offering its high-quality services from Istanbul Airport, thus carrying out its operations simultaneously on both Istanbul Airport and Ataturk Airport as of March 2, 2019. As of the date in, the transportations to be performed by utilizing the cargo capacity on passenger aircraft will be operated ... [+]

Turkish Cargo builds trust in ‘Live Animal’ transportation operations.

Turkish Cargo has become a member to the Animal Transportation Association, one of the international organizations which aims to transport live animals at secure and ideal conditions. Including many various members such as airlines, freight forwarders, marine companies, public institutions, universities, research agencies, animal breeders and veterinarians, the organization supports regulations ... [+]

Turkish Cargo hosts Pharma Event

Turkish Cargo organized a special event titled 'Turkish Cargo & IATA CEIV Pharma Workshop’ for the leading pharmaceutical companies, officials from IATA, agents and business partners. During the event attended by Cem Kolak, Managing Director of BL - Biopharma, Cem Selcuk, Office Manager at World Courier, Emre Gollu, Supply Chain Manager ... [+]

Turkish Cargo’s growth trend continues without slowing down

Turkish Cargo, providing service to 122 countries around the world as one of the fastest growing air cargo brands, has shown a very good performance in the first nine months of 2018. According to WACD (World Air Cargo Data), which provides information about the international air cargo market, Turkish Cargo ... [+]

Turkish Cargo continues to increase the quality standards in pharmaceutical transportation.

Turkish Cargo is now part of Pharma.Aero, which fosters collaboration between CEIV certified airport communities. The "Pharma.Aero full membership certificate" was presented to Turhan Özen, Chief Cargo Officer Turkish Airlines at the ceremony held at TIACA Air Cargo Forum. Pharma.Aero aims to achieve excellence in reliable end-to-end air transportation of pharmaceutical products. The ... [+]

Turkish Cargo Signs with CHAMP for Traxon

Offering service to 124 countries and being the fastest-growing air cargo brand around the world, Turkish Cargo has signed with CHAMP Cargosystems for its Traxon CDMP quality management solution. The solution measures over 40% of the worldwide Cargo iQ airline shipments. The solution, which is enhanced with the latest Cargo iQ ... [+]

Turkish Cargo participated in Cargo IQ initiative by IATA for quality management.

Turkish Cargo executed an agreement with CHAMP Cargosystems, one of the leading suppliers providing integrated IT solutions to the air transport community, for Traxon CDMP quality management. CDMP quality management solution measures more than 40% of the global Cargo iQ airline shipments. Developed with the current Cargo iQ specifications, this solution ... [+]

Turkish Cargo adds Mexico City to its cargo flights network

Turkish Cargo will launch air cargo flights to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, as of October 3. Mexico City will be the 85th cargo flight destination of Turkish Cargo. Flights will be operated in two different routes by means of Boeing 777F type wide-body freighters. With respect to the first ... [+]

New cargo flights to Kigali and Muscat launched by Turkish Cargo

Turkish Cargo has again extended its cargo flights network.They have added included Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and Muscat, the capital of Oman, to its direct cargo flights network. Following launch of these new cargo flights, Turkish Cargo increased the number of its cargo flights destinations to 85. [+]

Turkish Cargo carries Turkish Blackberry carefully

Providing service to 122 countries around the world as one of the fastest growing air cargo brands, Turkish Cargo carried the Chester variety of Turkish Blackberry, standing out with its delicious taste, aroma, meaty structure and high-quality, by means of well-maintained and air-conditioned vehicles. Blackberries are carried on board the passenger ... [+]

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