Turkish Cargo Carries Türkiye’s Pride Togg to Argentina

Turkish Cargo transported Togg, which is set to be one of the global brands of Türkiye, to perform its winter tests.The Togg smart device, whose road, safety, performance and range/battery tests are continuing at accredited test centers in different parts of the world, flew to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina for its winter tests. After the journey that started at Istanbul Airport and continued to Argentina, a commercial film about the ... [+]

Turkish Cargo to Release Promotional Film Featuring New Services

Turkish Cargo has released a promotional film with comprehensive content related to the industry. Thanks to this movie, all users in the logistics industry will be able to easily access a wide range of information about the privileged world of Turkish Cargo.The movie features three main parts, depicting Turkish Cargo’s ... [+]

Turkish Cargo carried 335m doses of Covid-19 vaccine to 61 countries during 2021

Ensuring the continuation of international pharma supply chains while countries closed their doors to one another during the pandemic, Turkish Cargo had a significant success when it comes to vaccine transportation. Being the fastest growing air cargo carrier in the world during 2021 when negative effects of pandemic were ongoing, ... [+]

Turkish Cargo incorporates all operational processes in SMARTIST

Raising its bar by interconnecting its flight network, Turkish Cargo is now incorporating all of its air cargo transportation operations in SMARTIST, its Mega Cargo Facility.Today all Turkish Cargo freighter operations are operating out of the Mega Cargo Facility at the Istanbul Airport. Previously, its freighter operations were out of ... [+]

63 Horses Carried Safely through the Clouds by Turkish Cargo

Providing the conditions in the sky that are as similar to the conditions in their natural living environments by exercising maximum care for the live animal shipments, Turkish Cargo once again performed another successfully equine transport operation with the unique service it offers. The air cargo brand transported 63 horses, ... [+]

Turkish Cargo awards global ULD repair agreement to Unilode

Turkish Cargo has appointed Unilode Aviation Solutions, the market leader in outsourced unit load device (ULD) management and repair services, for the maintenance and repair of its ULD fleet under a three-year agreement. Unilode will repair Turkish Cargo’s standard and heavy-duty pallets, pallet nets, cargo and special containers at 22 locations ... [+]

Rose water supplier dependent on Turkish Cargo in reaching the world

Possessing the world's strongest cargo flight network and building thetrade bridges between continents, Turkish Cargo also contributes greatlyto Turkey's exports. For over the last 60 years, Flag carrier air cargobrand has been carrying the rose products produced in Anatolia's LakeDistrict and Isparta to various destinations such as the prominentcountries in ... [+]

Turkish Cargo continues its steady growth in the European market

According to April 2021 International Air Transport Association (IATA) statistics, Turkish Cargo, the global air cargo brand serving 127 countries around the world, rose to the 1st rank by carrying 1 out of every 4 shipments in Hungary cargo exports, with a market share of nearly 25%. Delivering all kinds ... [+]

Turkish Cargo carried 100m vaccine doses around the world

Since the start of the pandemic, Turkish Cargo has carried 100 million vaccine doses, which is approximately 450 tonnes, from the vaccine production centres to destinations in its wide flight network with over 250 flights.The air cargo carrier transported the Covid-19 vaccines to key and certificated destinations such as Turkey, ... [+]

Sponsored Post – Let’s Meet the Silent Heroes of Air Cargo Operations!

Offering services to 127 countries and being the fastest-growing air cargo brand around the world, Turkish Cargo has been carrying out the air cargo transportation operations under the favor of talented colleagues. In these operations, there are really important occupational groups from pilots to loadmasters. Turkish Cargo tells about a working day for each occupational group ... [+]

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