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Turkish Cargo incorporates all operational processes in SMARTIST

[ February 15, 2022   //   ]

Raising its bar by interconnecting its flight network, Turkish Cargo is now incorporating all of its air cargo transportation operations in SMARTIST, its Mega Cargo Facility.
Today all Turkish Cargo freighter operations are operating out of the Mega Cargo Facility at the Istanbul Airport. Previously, its freighter operations were out of Ataturk Airport.
The massive relocation took all of 72 hours.
“During the last 3 years, we carried out a highly substantial operation
in both of our hubs,” says Turhan Ozen, COO of Turkish Airlines. “While we made use of our freighters at the Ataturk Airport, we benefited from our passenger aircraft and the paxfre
capacity at the Istanbul Airport.”
Turkish Cargo performed approximately 30,000 flights, 23,000 of which made use of its
freighters and 6,000 of which were by paxfre.
“We transported more than 4 million air cargo shipments, 2.5 million tons of which were
transported from/to the Ataturk Airport and 1.8 million tons of which were transported from/to the Istanbul Airport,” Ozen adds. “Thanks to SMARTIST, our new home with all of its processes equipped with autonomous and robotic systems, makes Turkish Cargo ready for the future more than ever before.”
SMARTIST is designed to serve as the biggest industrial building under a single roof at the Istanbul Airport. According to Turkish Cargo officials, it will achieve an annual capacity of 4 million tons at an area of 340.000 square meters upon completion of all of its phases.
The facility is equipped with smart technologies such as Augmented Reality, Automatic Storage Systems, Robotic Process Automation and Unmanned Ground Vehicles. The mega facility will also highlight the intercontinental location of Istanbul and serve as an excellent gateway for the trade between the East and the West.