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Turkish Cargo adds Mexico City to its cargo flights network

[ September 26, 2018   //   ]

Turkish Cargo will launch air cargo flights to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, as of October 3. Mexico City will be the 85th cargo flight destination of Turkish Cargo.
Flights will be operated in two different routes by means of Boeing 777F type wide-body freighters. With respect to the first route; the freighters will take off from Istanbul, and then arrive in Mexico City via the connection flight from Madrid. Freighters will return to Istanbul following the route extending through Bogotá, Curacao and Maastricht from Mexico City. With respect to the second route; the freighters will arrive in Mexico City via the connection flight from Madrid, and then return to Istanbul via Houston.
Mexico City, the biggest city of Mexico which ranks tenth in terms of the most crowded population around the world, stands out with its exports including fresh flowers, perishable fruits and vegetables, technological products and automobiles. The main import items of Mexico City includes automobiles, chemicals, petrochemical products, textile products, fish, pharmaceuticals, flowers and other perishable goods.
Achieving a sustainable growth thanks to its new destinations, current infrastructure and investments, Turkish Cargo aims to increase the rate of supply to both Latin America and the Americas upon addition of Mexico City, acting as an important commercial bridge among the Latin America countries thanks to its commercial network, to its cargo flights network.