Containerized Seafood Exports are Major Economic Driver for Nova Scotia

The movement of containerized cargo through the Port of Halifax is a major contributor to the economy of Nova Scotia. The most recent economic impact report, produced by Chris Lowe Planning and Management Group, found the Port of Halifax's economic output from operations on the economy of Nova Scotia in 2015/16 is $1.706 billion in economic output, up 5.9% from the last economic impact update to the end of 2013. Through the Port ... [+]

Sydney (Nova Scotia) Expects Hub Announcement in 2016

Port officials at the Port of Sydney in Nova Scotia expect to make a hub announcement this year regarding construction of a major, ultra-modern container terminal. In February the port made a rebranding announcement for the proposed project. Harbor Port Development Partners (HPDP), who have exclusive rights to market and develop ... [+]

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