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Sydney (Nova Scotia) Expects Hub Announcement in 2016

[ April 14, 2016   //   ]

Port officials at the Port of Sydney in Nova Scotia expect to make a hub announcement this year regarding construction of a major, ultra-modern container terminal.
In February the port made a rebranding announcement for the proposed project. Harbor Port Development Partners (HPDP), who have exclusive rights to market and develop the port, and the Port of Sydney, said the proposed terminal will be known as Novaporte and the planned adjacent logistics park will be called Novazone. Over 800 hectares of land have been set aside for the project which includes a greenfield site for the proposed terminal.

The goal of the terminal is to host ultra-large container ships with capacities of 16,000 TEUS and up. Vessels of this size are not yet sailing on North Atlantic trade routes or on routes between the North American East Coast and Asia.
Usher believes the rebranding differentiates the container project from other projects at the Port of Sydney.

Port officials are targeting the port terminal to China and have been in touch with all the major Asian players. The terminal project, which is contingent on a feasibility study being undertaken by CCCC, is expected to cost in excess of $1 billion.

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