a. hartrodt flies a rare rhino

Except for some very ambitious conservation projects time could be running out for some species on our planet. The “live animal department” of international freight forwarder a. hartrodt (Belgium) Airfreight N.V. was thus overjoyed to make a contribution to the survival of rhinos last month. The challenging task: the transport of a young, 1100 kg heavy rhino from a German zoo via Brussels airport to Australia. The highly endangered mammal ... [+]

Porsche Classic Car Flies with a. hartrodt

Hearts beat faster looking at a gleaming red Porsche 356C from 1965. The airfreight department of international freight forwarder a. hartrodt (Belgium) was delighted to get the opportunity to arrange the transport of this lovely classic car by air from Brussels to Montreal on August 22. The car had been beautifully restored ... [+]

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