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Porsche Classic Car Flies with a. hartrodt

[ September 2, 2016   //   ]

Hearts beat faster looking at a gleaming red Porsche 356C from 1965. The airfreight department of international freight forwarder a. hartrodt (Belgium) was delighted to get the opportunity to arrange the transport of this lovely classic car by air
from Brussels to Montreal on August 22.

The car had been beautifully restored by the renowned Porsche Centre Brussels Classic and was to be expedited to its private owner in Canada. With measurements of 4.01 m in length, 1,67 m in width and 1.31 m in height the automobile had to be meticulously prepared for the journey as belly cargo in a passenger plane. The 906 kg heavy beauty was carefully strapped to a specially made, low, but sturdy pallet construction so that it would fit through the aircraft cargo hold door.

Customs broker Shenkira, Brussels, an expert in automotive legislation and documentation, handled the necessary paperwork.

“It was a pleasure for the Porsche Centre Brussels Classic, Shenkira, and a. hartrodt
Airfreight Brussels to combine their strengths and expertise to execute this special assignment. It was followed through by us right from the cars departure from the premises of the Porsche Centre until the key was turned by the owner to hear the engine roar,” said Philippe Fierens, Director, a. hartrodt (Belgium) airfreight n.v.
a. hartrodt (Belgium) has transported special cargo such as vintage and classic cars for
nearly twenty years. The company has accumulated a wealth of experience and has professionally trained personnel that know how to deal with such beautiful, but also
sensitive cargo. “We plan the transports and special handlings in detail and carry out such valuable assignments with the utmost care,” explained Philippe Fierens.

The company’s high reputation makes it a trusted partner of car dealers and collectors.
“We are proud that we can guarantee to handle such valuable cargo to the highest
professional standards both on the ground and in the air – always in cooperation with a
carrier which we choose carefully on the basis of experience and reliability. In this case we opted for Air Canada,” adds Philippe Fierens.

“This is a true niche market. It has been a great pleasure to have the opportunity to
transport this beautiful, one-of-a-kind classic sports car. The handling of such valuable
automobiles requires special know-how and special people with dedication and passion for their job. I am proud that a. hartrodt has such staff”, adds Jens Roemer, Regional
Managing Director Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Porsche Classic Car

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