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Delta Cargo gains approval to transport goods in the passenger cabin

[ April 30, 2020   //   ]

As demand continues to grow to move essential goods around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta is set to increase its cargo capacity by utilizing storage areas in the passenger cabin.

Delta has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to utilize overhead bin space of widebody aircraft for cargo. This measure allows the airline to maximize capacity on its cargo-only charters to better meet customer demand.

These flights, using idle aircraft that would otherwise be parked, are keeping vital supply chain lines open during the global pandemic.

“We thank the FAA for their cooperation in allowing us to increase our cargo capacity,” said Shawn Cole, vice president – Delta Cargo. “This really has been a joint effort across our business and will enable us to utilize the overhead bin space to move even more vital medical and protective equipment on each flight for the COVID-19 pandemic efforts.”

Earlier this month, Delta began operating cargo-only services to safely and expeditiously transport essential goods and medical supplies, among other items.

Delta will continue to explore solutions for cargo-only transport, including options to carry more goods in the passenger cabin by utilizing and removing seats.