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YSDS Selects Magaya

[ November 4, 2022   //   ]

Magaya Corp. announces that the global logistics solutions provider YSDS has selected Magaya Supply Chain, Magaya Rate Management, Denied Party Screening by Magaya, Courier Connections by Magaya, and Final Mile by Magaya to unify its international offices under a single cloud-based freight management platform and streamline operations from rate management to last-mile delivery.

Headquartered in Sweden and with 17 offices in 12 countries, YSDS is an international logistics company that moves “the world’s most valuable goods to any location with exceptional quality and care.” As such, the company focuses on arranging logistics and transportation for high-stakes and complex industries such as clinical trials, dangerous and/or temperature-sensitive goods, art, and more.

“We were previously operating multiple logistics systems in parallel, making it particularly challenging to unify and streamline processes across our many offices and departments and leaving us with data blind spots,” said Johan Andersson, Chief Technical Officer at YSDS. “Magaya not only offered all the functionality we needed under a single cloud-based platform, but the Magaya team also consistently demonstrated the deep industry knowledge we expect from a technology partner. They’re a hands-on team that is both proactive in anticipating our needs and always available to answer our questions as they arise.”

In addition to siloed data and a lack of unified processes that left YSDS with adverse blind spots preventing holistic insights, the company also wanted to modernize with a cloud-based solution. Magaya Supply Chain addresses the need for a single cloud-based system of record for shipping and freight forwarding operations, accounting, visibility and tracking, connectivity, and compliance with a completely integrated warehouse management system. Magaya Rate Management is a single control tower giving YSDS the visibility it needs into margins and markups, plus it allows users to search and compare rates, file tariffs, respond to RFQs, and prepare winning quotes with ease.

Additional change drivers included a lack of direct connectivity with express network, international Denied Party Screening, and airlines, which will all be addressed with Magaya platform extensions. Plus, the Final Mile by Magaya app will give YSDS’ courier drivers an efficient way to pick up and deliver packages, plan routes, and collect signatures, right from a dashboard on their phone.

“The sensitive and complex nature of the goods that YSDS transports demands a superior level of speed, accuracy, and reliability. Everything needs to work together seamlessly,” commented Magaya Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Buman. “We’re honored that YSDS chose to put their trust in Magaya and excited to be at the heart of this important technology transformation initiative for this organization.”

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