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YRC Freight Expands in the Mid-South and Texas

[ August 10, 2020   //   ]

YRC Worldwide announces the expansion of YRC Freight’s Regional Next-Day Service to the mid-South region and also Waco, Texas. With the addition of more two-day lanes between the mid-South and Texas, YRC Freight’s Regional Next-Day service expansion is the latest step in YRCW’s enterprise network optimization strategy.
“Through Regional Next-Day service, our customers in Texas and the mid-South can access just-in-time scheduling that offers benefits of lowered inventory cost and fewer supply chain interruptions,” said Scott Ware, Chief Network Officer. “Results have been very successful since we launched Regional Next-Day service in Texas last fall, and it’s exciting to be expanding the service in six new states.”
The Regional Next-Day service in Texas connects 11 terminals across the state to provide best-in-class service. In the mid-South, Little Rock and Springdale, Ark.; Springfield, Mo.; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Okla.; Shreveport, La.; Memphis, Tenn.; Jackson, Miss. and Texarkana, Tex. will be connected through YRC Freight’s network and Regional Next-Day service offering. Customers will now have access to faster transit times and more streamlined supply chains, along with fewer damages due to less freight handling.
YRC Freight is currently performing at or above best-in-class competitors with a 98.5% on-time performance and a claims ratio of 0.13%.
“The expansion of Regional Next-Day services is a strategic investment to position YRC Freight for growth, operational improvements and continued responsiveness in servicing our customers with the YRCW companies’ strong, flexible network,” said Jason Bergman, Chief Customer Officer. “We remain obsessive about providing safe, fast, reliable and high-quality service to our customers.”