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WWL Celebrates 25 Years of Success

[ March 20, 2023   //   ]

Worldwide Logistics Group (WWL), an integrated logistics provider, is celebrating its 25th anniversary by looking back at two and a half decades of success and customer satisfaction, and looking ahead with plans for continued growth. Since its inception, WWL has helped its customers transport goods in an efficient, effective and safe manner and has grown to serve more than 15,000 customers across 100 countries in five continents.
“We are proud of what we have achieved in the past 25 years and remain focused on continuing that success for many more years to come,” said Joe Monaghan, Chairman and CEO of WWL. “From humble beginnings in 1998 to the global powerhouse we are today, WWL has remained committed to a customer-centric approach, providing our customers with innovative solutions that anticipate and meet their ever-evolving needs.”
Starting with a focus on in-bound ocean freight logistics, WWL has evolved into a full-service provider offering air freight logistics, customs brokerage, US domestic transportation, sea freight logistics, land and road services in Europe, e-commerce logistics solutions, and in 2020, added warehousing and distribution solutions. This growth and expansion into new areas is due to WWL’s commitment and drive to better serve customers by providing robust options to source and move goods.