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Women represent more than half of Dachser USA’s workforce

[ April 25, 2019   //   ]

Bucking the trend reported in a recent Gartner study, which found that women account for 37-38% of most supply chain and logistics organizations, family-owned Dachser USA is pleased to announce that 56% of its workforce is female.

“As a family-owned business, Dachser has developed a culture that embraces diversity, also in terms of gender, and appreciates the value both women and men bring to the organization,” said Vincent Touya, Managing Director Dachser USA. “We know that embracing and fostering gender diversity enhances collaboration, tolerance and understanding, as well as increased productivity, which improves the bottom line.”

This approach is not typical of the logistics industry, which continues to be dominated by men. Even with 50% of the national workforce being comprised of women, this trend is not reflected in the supply chain and logistics industry as reported in the Gartner study. And although the World Economic Forum continues to tout the robust and expanding career opportunities associated with supply chain and logistics, the industry only saw an increase of less than 4% from 2006-2016.

There appears to be a shift on the horizon. A recent survey conducted by SCM World, which polled global universities, found that 37% of the students enrolled in supply chain and logistics courses were women. This statistic points to a future whereby women will play critical, ground-breaking roles in the industry, as the perception of logistics shifts away from managing heavy lift equipment and toward managing processes and technology.

Building on one of Dachser´s Corporate Values “openness and respect”, Dachser USA has a strong appreciation for cultural differences and a commitment to building a team with diverse backgrounds, experiences, talents and professional skills – each of which complement and strengthen each other without gender importance. This is how Dachser USA has achieved a business culture characterized by cooperation and mutual recognition based on the concept of teamwork. This is also reflected by one of Dachser’s corporate values “openness and respect”.

“Creating a company culture that recognizes talent and identifies the right person for the job—regardless of age or gender—is central to our core values to develop the best possible team,” said Touya. “The female professionals at Dachser USA, which make up more than half of our workforce, bring the right mix of knowledge of the industry, passion for their career and a collaborative attitude.”