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Widerøe Airlines Partners with SmartKargo

[ May 14, 2021   //   ]

SmartKargo, a leading Cloud provider of air cargo solutions that extend markets for global airlines, has announced the successful Go-live of its state-of-the-art e-commerce shipping solution for Norwegian-based Widerøe Airlines. The partnership enables Widerøe to take a giant leap and empowers entry into the promising e-commerce shipping and delivery market.

Widerøe will now deliver e-commerce shipments to the entire Norwegian population by leveraging its network across 42 destinations in Norway and seven abroad. The Cloud solution also gives Widerøe seamless connections with a range of airline interline and ground delivery partners while also providing direct connectivity with major e-commerce retail sites.

SmartKargo introduced the innovative e-commerce solution last year to enable global airlines to open new revenue streams with e-commerce shipping and package delivery, which is projected to accelerate from an estimated $5 trillion sales globally this year to $6.4 trillion in 2024.

“The growth of e-commerce provides an important opportunity for airlines like Widerøe, especially in these times when revenues from passenger travel have decreased,” said Thomas Lone, Widerøe’s Cargo Manager. “SmartKargo integrates all of our partners and enables us to more fully utilize the cargo capacity of our aircraft, to leverage our strong brand throughout Norway and generate the higher yields from integrated logistics,” he added.

SmartKargo technology can be integrated with an airline’s existing cargo operating system and software, using a wide range of APIs to enable implementation in only a few months.

“We are thrilled to have Widerøe as our newest client and trust that with our disruptive technology, Widerøe will be able to fast-track its Cargo revenue growth by extending their traditional Cargo services to current clients by tapping into the fast-growing market demand for e-commerce distribution service,” said Olivier Houri, SmartKargo’s Chief Revenue Officer.

“The SmartKargo platform can be set up and launched quickly. In our case, we moved from imagining the product to Go-live in only three months,” said Thomas Lone. “Their flexible approach means the e-commerce solution can wrap around existing air cargo systems, but in our case, we preferred to upgrade and implemented the full-suite of SmartKargo solutions, which included our Cargo Client Portal, which will be transformative for us,” he added.

“The innovative solution is the first of its kind in the industry’” said Milind Tavshikar, Chief Executive Officer for SmartKargo. “The transaction begins at the shopping cart in a browser and sets the logistics process in motion, creating the shipping order and driving the service level agreement seamlessly from the initial transaction through transport and delivery to the customer’s door. SmartKargo solutions are providing a compelling shipping method for online retailers to ship directly using capacity on commercial airlines, at a time that e-commerce shipping is in high demand worldwide,” he added.

SmartKargo also provides a seamless airline interline network that is proprietary, with front-end sales rating and pricing, revenue management, cargo revenue accounting, warehouse management, claims support, and more. SmartKargo is currently the world’s only Technology and Service provider with such a comprehensive, seamless shipping solution for Airlines across traditional air cargo and e-commerce models.

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