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USDOT Authorizes 21 Air to provide U.S.-Mexico All Cargo Scheduled Service

[ August 16, 2019   //   ]

21 Air, LLC, a North Carolina-based air cargo carrier, was recently approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to perform Scheduled Service Flights between the United States and Mexico. In its July 10, 2019 decision, the USDOT states it found “no reason to question the carrier’s qualifications.”
A pair of 767s freighters operated by 21 Air, LLC will soon be flying between the U.S. and Mexico thanks to the recent decision. 21 Air is currently in the process to add additional B767 aircraft to the fleet to satisfy ongoing demand for diverse programs.
This is great news for the North Carolina Air Carrier as it looks forward to entering into a long-term ACMI contract with a multi-billion airline group and a global player.
According to a July 10, 2019 decision from the USDOT, 21 Air has been approved to make scheduled foreign air transportation of property and mail between the U.S. and Mexico and intermediate points in-between. The two-year exemption that was granted last month will allow for 21 Air to conduct these services up through July of 2021 without further interference. During this timeframe, 21 Air will be fully engaged in the interstate air charter it currently provides on a domestic scale.
“We found 21 Air fit, willing, and able to engage in interstate charter air transportation of property and mail by issuing 21 Air a Certificate of Public Convenience authorizing it to engage in interstate charter air transportation,” reads the USDOT decision concerning the Air Carrier founded in 2014.
Here’s what else you need to know about 21 Air, LLC: The corporation runs a 24/7 Operations Center. This around-the-clock hub allows 21 Air, LLC to provide Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance (ACMI) as well as Crew, Maintenance, Insurance (CMI) services. 21 Air LLC specializes in worldwide Charter Operations.
21 Aircrews are certified for the world’s most utilized and best medium-size freighter aircraft, the Boeing 767. This ensures that preventive maintenance overseen by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other aviation experts is performed under the highest standards.
The USDOT document further states that the department “found no reason to question the carrier’s qualifications to provide the services” as they pertain to what was proposed by 21 Air in its application filed this past June.