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Turkish Cargo signed DoKaSch Temperature Solutions

[ March 5, 2019   //   ]

Turkish Cargo has signed a Master Rental Agreement with DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, the provider of climate-controlled solutions for air cargo based in Frankfurt, Germany.
Its Opticooler is regarded as one of the safest containers for transporting temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and other pharmaceuticals by air.
“As one of the leading airlines of the world, we provide our cargo clients with the best quality services to transport high-value pharma products. So the Opticooler is one of the natural choices and the Master Rental Agreement confirms that we have all the necessary procedures in place.” Said Fatih CIGAL, the Turkish Cargo’s Senior Vice President, Marketing, remarked.
Starting in February 2019, DoKaSch will supply its Opticooler for Turkish Cargo, the largest carrier in the world by number of passenger destinations and a member of the Star Alliance network. “Turkish Airlines serves more destinations than any other airline. This means that our Opticoolers are now available to many more clients that need reliable temperature-controlled air freight,” said Andreas Seitz, Managing Director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions.
The Opticooler, electric air-conditioned container, can keep pharmaceuticals exactly within their temperature range, regardless of a tropical summer or arctic winter. The Opticooler has a very high fail-safety and is considered to be reliable product for pharmaceutical transportation. Just like in a normal warehouse, a constant temperature can be maintained if the Opticooler is occasionally connected to the power grid.
With the move of Turkish Cargo to the Istanbul Airport in 2019, Turkish Cargo’s clients will benefit from spacious and state-of-the-art cargo facilities and will provide a safe hub for transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals all over the world.