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Transship Integrates Loadsure Digital Cargo Insurance

[ July 21, 2020   //   ]

Loadsure recently announced its partnership with automated freight forwarding platform, Transship—a partnership that brings Loadsure’s market-leading, fully-digital cargo insurance solution to the international stage. In just moments, international freight brokers can now protect their perishable goods with pay-as-you-go, wrap-around coverage through the Transship platform, while also accelerating claims processing from days or weeks to minutes.

“We see real synergy in this partnership,” says Loadsure CEO, Johnny McCord. “We’re both harnessing automation to drive obsolete, tech-challenged industries into the digital age. Of course, this tech innovation is truly a means to an end. At the end of the day, we’re committed to helping people—and we know Transship shares in that commitment. Together, we’re putting automation to work for brokers—helping them operate with greater agility, all while also cutting costs.”

Booking international shipments—a historically complex, time-consuming, manual process—has long frustrated brokers. Leveraging automation, blockchain technologies, API integrations, and asset tracking, Transship’s platform has dramatically simplified international logistics and reduced the time and expense associated with manual processes. Now, with the integration of Loadsure’s fully digital, end-to-end cargo insurance solution, Transship delivers international freight brokers a one-stop-shop experience. Not only can they book international shipments in as little as five minutes, but they can also protect those shipments at competitive rates—and all within the existing user workflow.

“Global shipment of perishable goods’ rules and regulations are tightening, while COVID-related complexities increase—customers are actively seeking greater efficiency, cost reductions, and risk management,” says Transship CEO, Amit Hasak. “Leveraging our cutting-edge technologies with Loadsure, we are delivering greater value and addressing the added risk posed by perishable shipments. We’re excited to partner with a company that, like us, recognizes the transformational power of automation in simplifying and protecting profitability.”

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