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TOPO opens new US office

[ September 15, 2022   //   ]

Supply Chain Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Topo Solutions has opened a new office in Los Angeles.
Topo’s unique low-code technology makes it the most agile supply chain platform available in the market.
Topo covers a product’s journey from sourcing, product development, ordering, and production, to quality, chemical, and sustainability management.
The LA office, headed by Benjamin Eberle, Founder and CEO, Topo, is part of an ongoing global growth strategy for the Hong Kong-headquartered company.
This year Topo celebrates a decade of developing low-code cloud-based solutions for brands and retailers with a focus on sustainability in the supply chain.
“Brands and retailers in the US need to navigate increasingly complex legislation being implemented around the world to ensure that environmentally and ethically sound practices are followed as a priority,” said Eberle.
“Sustainability needs to be integral to their strategy, and technology can play a huge part in supporting them by giving them transparency and visibility to track the provenance of goods. We will be supporting US customers with our low-code platform to do just that, and Stephanie is a strong addition to the team.”
“I am excited to help US companies benefit from Topo’s proven success in the European market. Supply chain compliance is a challenge companies in all industries and countries must meet, no matter the complexity,” said Stefanie Valerio, who was appointed as Customer Success Lead. “Using technology to manage compliance and drive sustainability is the future and I look forward to helping Topo in this with the diverse skill set I bring with me.”
The SaaS company, which has been rapidly growing its team in Hong Kong this year to meet increasing demand, has recently partnered with global trade association amorfi to provide users with social-related supply chain information as well as launching a new searchable Product Compliance Database.