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Top 100 3PL UTXL, Inc. launches Haul Street, Inc.

[ March 4, 2019   //   ]

Mark Hogan, CEO of Kansas City based UTXL, Inc., announces the launch of Haul Street Inc., a new cloud-based software company featuring its proven VuTrans in transit shipment visibility tools. Haul Street will be based in the Indianapolis area and lead by Josh Jonte.

Prior to joining UTXL in 2017, Indiana native Jonte most recently served as a principal engineer at Angie’s List’s Indianapolis HQ. Now, as co-founder and President of Haul Street, Inc., Josh says our goal is to improve in-transit shipment visibility to reduce costly inefficiencies and waste (e.g.: empty miles) to increase shipper, driver, and carrier satisfaction.

Per Hogan, “There is a huge pile of money being wasted every year in the freight industry that can be significantly reduced with useful technology solutions such as our VuTrans tools. We have been honored to profitably pilot our VuTrans software with one of the nation’s largest freight shippers throughout 2017 and 2018.”

Per Jonte, our VuTrans solutions are designed with intuitive interfaces and provide direct value to the end users. Haul Street is being used hundreds of times a day in the pilot, providing real-time, actionable insights, and user decision support. Future product plans include leveraging advanced analytics, IoT data, machine learning, statistical learning, voice recognition and mobile applications to continue to improve network utilization, reduce waste, and provide real-time shipment visibility.