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Thorco Shipping Opens with a Roar

[ February 8, 2016   //   ]

Thorco Shipping has officially opened up its Spanish office in Madrid. To celebrate the opening, however,  Thorco chose to do something very different: threw a huge cocktail party at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, one of the world’s most famous and prestigious football venues, hosting Real Madrid C.F., European Cup finals, Champions League.

The night was not just about shipping and it was especially not another occasion to discuss the market conditions.

“I don´t need to bother anybody tonight with the market conditions, outlookand other discouraging commentaries. Instead let’s all celebrate what we have done and what we as business friends and partners can do in the future,” said Thomas Mikkelsen, CEO and Partner Thorco Shipping.

He emphasized the need for friends and good partners to sail through this market. “Therefore, let’s forget shipping for some hours and instead spend some good hours together,” he added.

It was a fantastic evening with more than 200 people attending enjoying each other’s company and delicious food. The night also included a visit down to the field for group photos and to experience the remarkable surroundings up close.

But what does football really has to do with Thorco Shipping? Actually, quite a lot. In Thorco Shipping people are very fond of football and by being a part of the global conglomerate THORNICO, Thorco is related to and very close with the world known sports and football brand hummel. Therefore, in line with the theme and venue of the night, Thorco Shipping had also prepared a competition with some great prices for their guests; a couple of the most iconic Danish National Football Team jerseys from 1986 by hummel – and as the main price a vintage hummel Real Madrid C.F. jersey from 1988, signed by no less than the former Real Madrid C.F. and National Team player Emilio Butragueño.

Thorco Shipping Opens with a Roar

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