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Texas Crude Oil Reaches Europe via Port Corpus Christi

[ January 26, 2016   //   ]

When the US Federal government repealed a 40 year ban on the export of crude oil and condensates near the end of 2015 Port Corpus Christi was ready with necessary infrastructure in place.  As the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas formation in South Texas began to produce, Port Corpus Christi underwent massive capital improvement projects.  New docks were added, customers grew their tank storage and pipeline connections.  The South Texas port is well connected to the Eagle Ford Shale and to the Permian Basin with direct connected pipelines bringing product to Port Corpus Christi for waterborne transport across the globe.

On New Years Eve of 2015 the THEO T left Port Corpus Christi carrying the first US export cargo of crude oil in 40 years.  Bound for European shores, the THEO T departed a NuStar Energy dock at Port Corpus Christi with Eagle Ford Shale crude oil sold by ConocoPhillips to the international trading company Vitol.  That first U.S. crude oil shipment has now reached its European destination.

The Corpus Christi Ship Channel Improvement Project is underway for further deepening and widening of Port Corpus Christi’s ship channels.  The construction of a new taller Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge is set to begin construction in 2016.  These projects will make way for some of the world’s largest class of vessels to access the Inner Harbor at Port Corpus Christi to load product for global export.