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Team Worldwide Expands in Upper Midwest Opening Newest Branch in Minneapolis

[ March 6, 2020   //   ]

Team Worldwide announce its newest Branch Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The new office, which opened on March 3, adds to the company’s extensive network of over 45 Branches across North America.
Team was interested in offering service to/from Minneapolis due to the strong economy, diverse customer base, and large geographic territory in the neighboring states. Working with the established business at USA2Everywhere, owned by Randy and Mary Robida, Team Worldwide will be able to quickly start serving customers.
Randy and Mary, along with Isaiah Dixon on their team, are well known in the Minneapolis community for focusing their efforts with the customer and excellent service top of mind.
“Minneapolis shows tremendous opportunity for Team Worldwide to offer a variety of service solutions to customers across different industry segments,” said Jason Brunson, President and CEO at Team Worldwide. “ Robida’s international ecommerce business experience and current model match up with our strategic initiatives.”