WorldACD Air cargo trends for the past 5 weeks (wk 37):

Rates continue to soften Global air cargo prices continued their gradual decline in the first two full weeks of September, while volumes increased slightly in the second week after a drop in the first full week, the latest figures from WorldACD Market Data reveal. Looking at week 37 (September 11 - 18) alone, worldwide chargeable weight increased +1% compared with the previous week, based on the more than 350,000 weekly transactions covered ... [+]

Air cargo tonnages and rates are both stabilizing

Global air cargo flown tonnages continue to remain stable in the last two weeks compared to the preceding two weeks, while the previously reported softening trend of the worldwide average rates seems to have halted last week, the latest figures from WorldACD Market Data show. Looking at week 31 (August 1-7), ... [+]

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