Wiremind Cargo’s new launch

Wiremind Cargo has launched a new module within its CargoStack CMS suite: Revenue Optimization is a comprehensive decision support tool designed to help sales steerers and flight controllers in three key aspects of their job. For Revenue Management, the system recommends an Entry Condition, or “hurdle rate”, to help flight controllers to decide on which bookings to accept on the flight. For pricing, a rate recommendation for spot requests is ... [+]

Wiremind Cargo takes you into the creation of its new CMS

Human intelligence, research, business acumen, agility, and market knowledge are just a few of the ingredients required to come up with the perfect, AI-driven SaaS Cargo Management Solutions (CMS) suite.“CargoStack is a Cargo Management Suite that is built around a core CMS. We believe that this CMS is the most ... [+]

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