TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico adds Refrigeration Units

Further extending its commitment to environmental sustainability, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico (TMPR) is enhancing its fleet with 220 containers chilled by the industry’s only natural refrigerant-based system, the NaturaLINE® unit from Carrier Transicold. TMPR is the first shipping line to place a sizable quantity of NaturaLINE units into service on U.S. domestic trade routes. NaturaLINE units use carbon dioxide (CO2), a refrigerant with the lowest global warming potential (GWP) among all ... [+]

Condolences to Families of Missing El Faro Crew

FBJNA extends its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the missing crew of the cargo ship El Faro. El Faro sank off the Bahamas last week after setting out from Jacksonville and sailing into the path of Hurricane Joaquin, a ferocious storm with high seas whipped up by winds ... [+]

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