Salson Fleet Expanding to Support Customer Needs

Equipment started arriving in May to support growing SalSon customer needs. The first shipment of 100 new Freightliner “Cascadia” tractors has arrived.  These are the most sophisticated trucks on the road. The engine, transmission, front-mounted radar and lane departure camera warning system work together to reduce driver workload and increase safety. SalSon also took delivery of 100 new, expandable chassis to support dray operations in Newark, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah and Houston. At a ... [+]

SalSon Rolls out New Conveyor System

SalSon has recently invested for the future growth of our retail and transload operations in Newark, NJ.  November 2nd marked the first test of a new high speed conveyor system that increases the throughput and accuracy of goods through our main warehouse in Newark, NJ.  5 induction lines that cover ... [+]

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