WHITE PAPER: Shipments of Enormous Wind Turbines Demonstrate Port of Vancouver USA’s Breakbulk Capabilities

The safe and efficient movement of exceptionally big and bulky freight not only takes expertise, but extraordinary infrastructure. A seaport with ample laydown space, infrastructure, exceptional equipment, experienced labor force and transport connections to accommodate the job is an essential requirement Enter the Port of Vancouver USA, which was tasked in July to handle a major delivery of wind turbines -- a joint effort between turbine manufacturer Goldwind Americas and ... [+]

Revenue Bonds Reflect Port of Vancouver USA’s Financial Health, Stability

In June the Port of Vancouver USA issued revenue bonds for $40 million–the first issuance of its kind in port history. The port has issued general obligation bonds in the past, which are common type of municipal bond secured by the municipality’s pledge to use legally available resources, including taxes collected, ... [+]

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