Port of Portland Presents Options to Port Commission for Terminal 6 Future

Last month, the Port of Portland Commission was presented with the findings of a consultant study and work from an industry leader committee to create a sustainable business model for container shipping at Terminal 6. The consultant concluded the most viable T-6 business model is a multi-use terminal that dedicates revenues from other terminal activities to support container service. Given that container volumes are lower than most West Coast ports, a ... [+]

Port of Portland Announces Rail Service to Assist Shippers

The Port of Portland has worked to create another new option for moving container freight by way of a railway partnership at Terminal 6. Starting the first week of January, shippers can move their product on a rail shuttle to the Puget Sound ports. The new service, in partnership with BNSF ... [+]

Port of Portland Commission President Appointed

Governor Kate Brown appointed Alice Cuprill-Comas as Port of Portland Commission President, effective Dec. 27. Cuprill-Comas is senior vice president and general counsel for Oregon Health & Science University, and she replaces Jim Carter who completed an eight-year term as Commission President, and who agreed to remain as a commissioner until ... [+]

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