Del Monte Brings Green Vessels to Port of Hueneme

The Port of Hueneme welcomed the first of two cutting-edge, energy-efficient Del Monte vessels to the Port of Hueneme on March 19. The ships’ arrival marks a new chapter in environmental partnership, continuing the Port’s mission to be the cleanest, greenest, most efficient port possible. Del Monte Valiant was the first to arrive; the Del Monte Harvester made its first call the during the week of March 26. These ships ... [+]

Port of Hueneme Strengthens Trade with Top Partner Mexico

A delegation of Mexico's top trade representatives visited the Port of Hueneme on February 24 to strengthen their longstanding trading partnership. Led by Mr. Roberto Velasco Alvarez, Director General for North America and acting Undersecretary for North America at Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the delegation was welcomed with a ... [+]

Port of Hueneme secures 1st Marine Highway 5 Shipping Route designation

The Port's SEA LINC Project (Spurring Economic Advantages with Logistical Investments for New Connectivity) was recently awarded official designation by the U.S. Department of Transportation, marking the first time a project has been designated in Southern California since the inception of the American Marine Highways Program in 2007. The SEA LINC ... [+]

Port of Hueneme Secures Cold-Treatment Finishing On-Dock

Known as the Banana Port of the West Coast, the Port of Hueneme can now add another title to their brand: the Peruvian blueberry pilot Port. Being the specialized reefer port of the U.S. West Coast, Hueneme has been able to receive completed cold-treated produce containers for years; however, they ... [+]

Port of Hueneme Recognizes “Essential Volunteers”

On October 24, the Port of Hueneme's "Committed to Community" Drive hosted its 40th food distribution with a "Feeding the Frontline" volunteer appreciation touch. Commemorative plaques were distributed to volunteers who have supported this food and resource drive since the pandemic began. "It is important that we recognize our true ... [+]

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