Smart Tyre Saving System

Liebherr presents an intelligent system to reduce tyre wear of a Reachstacker. The new system reduces the machine speed to cool down the tyres before they reach a critical temperature.  Staying below the critical tyre temperature is crucial for good service life time.  Higher efficiency and less tyre wear are a contribution to sustainability and clearly benefit the environment Before the tyre temperature of a Liebherr reachstacker reaches a critical level where tyre wear ... [+]

Together towards a customized machine

Liebherr's port handling machine is specifically tailored to meet the customer's requirements. For example, the uppercarriage has not been seated in the conventional manner, centrally on the rail mounted portal. Instead it has been positioned off-center, towards the side facing the sea. With its 16.5 m long, angled boom ... [+]

Liebherr delivers new cranes to Latin America

Liebherr Maritime recently delivered new equipment units to several Latin American countries, including Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico and Bahamas. In Puerto Rico, Liebherr Container Cranes has completed delivery of three new ship-to-shore (STS) container cranes to Crowley Maritime’s Isla Grande Terminal at the Port of San Juan. The units have an ... [+]

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