Damco Delivers Parcels of Cheer

DAMCO has helped deliver over 120 parcels containing gifts and personal items to U.S. Antarctic Program personnel spending extra months in Antarctica because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Chocolate bars, DVDs, contact lenses, and gifts from family were just some of the deliveries to reach the National Science Foundation-managed McMurdo Station, travelling on a chartered A319 with a consignment of scientific equipment for the research facility. DAMCO’s Australia team went the extra mile ... [+]

DAMCO Investment in Business Resilience Program Keeps Cargo Moving

DAMCO’s ongoing investment in its Business Resilience Program is helping the freight forwarder to keep cargo moving through Covid-19 supply chain disruption. The Program, developed over the last 18 months, prepares all staff for over 47 different scenarios, which could disrupt the supply chain, including a pandemic. DAMCO local and global teams communicate ... [+]

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