Will COVID during the 2nd Wave Flatten Air Cargo’s recovery?

The global air cargo market maintained its slow, six-month road to recovery in October but the industry will be waiting cautiously to see if a sudden fall in demand in the last week of the month signals a new hiatus in consumer spending amidst uncertainties caused by the second wave of coronavirus. The latest weekly and monthly data for October from leading industry analysts CLIVE Data Services and TAC ... [+]

E-commerce Faces Challenges, Opportunities Beyond Coronavirus. By John Jeter

Mother Nature and e-commerce share at least these in common: Each moves fast and both disregard borders. While governments and health authorities work to contain the novel COVID-19 pandemic, logistics executives are creating at least some degree of certainty despite the coronavirus. “Our customers are looking for a more predictable ... [+]

CORONAVIRUS: As Coronavirus Exposes Weaknesses in U.S. Supply Chain, Booker Introduces Bill to Help Manufacturers Scale-up Operations

As the Coronavirus pandemic shines a light on serious vulnerabilities in the U.S. supply chain, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) reintroduced legislation to increase access to capital for U.S. entrepreneurs looking to scale-up and commercialize their advanced manufacturing operations. The Scale-Up Manufacturing Investment Company (SUMIC) Act would establish a fund, administered ... [+]

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Video Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Video Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19) [+]

Coronavirus causing High Tech Firms to Rethink Supply Chain

Benzinga, an investor newsletter, is reports that Foxconn, best known for making Apple Inc. devices including iPhones, restarted production earlier last month as the spread of the COVID-19 virus seemingly slowed in China. It added, however, that China continued to suffer a labor shortage as people took precautions against the ... [+]

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