CargoSphere Launches Common Rate Infrastructure for Ocean Carriers

CargoSphere, the neutral rate network for container shipping, recently announced the launch of eSUDS Connector, a universal rate structure and API for ocean carriers to accelerate 100% digital rate distribution to customers. eSUDS Connector offers carriers a standard API to transfer confidential customer contracts, amendments and global surcharge tariffs to the CargoSphere neutral rate network using a common data format and structure. The data is processed through CargoSphere's eSUDS (electronic Smart ... [+]

Safmarine Spot Rates Available on CargoSphere Platform

Cargosphere announces that Safmarine Spot, a rate option with a loading guarantee at a fixed price at booking, is now accessible on its rates platform. This integration will enable customers to access Safmarine Spot rates with their confidential contract rates in a single rate search on CargoSphere. The Maersk Spot ... [+]

Hapag-Lloyd Launches Digital Rate Distribution on CargoSphere

CargoSphere, the cloud-based rate management platform, announces a direct data feed of ocean rates and tariffs for the global trade lanes from Hapag-Lloyd, the 5th largest container shipping line in the world, to its customers.  The ocean carrier is the first to offer its customers automatic access to all their contract ... [+]

CargoSphere Announces eSUDS for Ocean Carriers

CargoSphere, the single rate platform for frictionless rate distribution, networking and cloud-based freight rate management, today announces an industry-first, eSUDS (electronic - Smart Upload and Diagnostics Solution). eSUDS allows ocean carriers, through an automated, digital framework, to systematize the process of distributing freight rates to customers online in real-time. With ... [+]

UASC Expands CargoSphere Cloud Rate Distribution with Dachser

UASC has quickly implemented its second CargoSphere Rate-Mesh connection with Dachser Logistics. CargoSphere's collaborative rate technology enables UASC to electronically distribute confidential rates in real-time, directly into Dachser's rate database, so rates are ready to use immediately following their release by UASC.  Initially, Dachser is receiving Asia-Europe freight rates and ... [+]

Sumitomo Warehouse (U.S.A.) Strengthens Technology Structure with CargoSphere Implementation

CargoSphere has entered into an agreement with Sumitomo Warehouse (U.S.A.), Inc. to implement its rate management platform and Rate Mesh solution for its three US-based offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. Adopting a faster, more analytical approach to quoting ocean rates to customers was important to Sumitomo.  By adopting CargoSphere’s ... [+]

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