New Spot Market Technology from C.H. Robinson

With tight trucking capacity and market volatility pushing more freight into the spot market, global logistics provider C.H. Robinson has launched Market Rate IQTM – a new tool that shows companies how their spot rates compare to a trusted third-party benchmark and breaks down where they could save money. Created by C.H. Robinson's technology incubator, C.H. Robinson LabsTM, Market Rate IQ the only tool in the industry that shows shippers which ... [+]

New Technology and Data From C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is paving the way for more sustainable supply chains around the world by turning decades of logistics expertise into technology and data that any company can use to reduce its carbon footprint. Just announced: • Emissions IQ™, which will be the first free, ... [+]

C.H. Robinson, SAS join forces

C.H. Robinson and analytics company SAS have announced a partnership to rewrite the way global supply chains work as they become increasingly more complex. Until now, supply chain demand planning and shipping execution often worked in autonomous siloes without connection, digital integration, or real-time visibility. This partnership will solve that ... [+]

C.H. Robinson Uncovers More Than a Billion Dollars in Tariff Refunds

Global logistics company C.H. Robinson, reveals that U.S. companies importing from China could be missing out on more than a billion dollars in refunds via Section 301 tariff exclusions. The vast majority of these refund opportunities, which have continued to be updated since 301 tariffs were implemented as a result ... [+]

Delivers Solutions for Food Retailers

C.H. Robinson Delivers Solutions for Food Retailers Facing Seismic Shifts in Consumer Habits and Spend C.H. Robinson is bringing supply chain expertise and technology to the aid of grocery retailers facing unprecedented demand and consumer change during one of the busiest food shopping seasons of the year. With an analysis of ... [+]

C.H. Robinson Uncovers Millions in Savings for States in Need

C. H. Robinson, one of the world’s largest logistics companies, and a member of the volunteer Minnesota Task Force that brought together government and private organizations to get personal protective equipment (PPE) for the state, today revealed costly transportation and logistics trends that are adding to budgetary challenges for states in need of PPE, especially ... [+]

C.H. Robinson Expands Global Network, Acquires Milgram & Co. Ltd.

C.H. Robinson continues to expand its global presence with the acquisition of Milgram & Company Ltd., world-class provider of freight forwarding, customs brokerage and surface transportation in Canada. “Today, we are bringing one of Canada’s most respected forwarding companies into C.H. Robinson,” said John Wiehoff, Chairman and CEO of C.H. Robinson. ... [+]

C.H. Robinson Expands Global Footprint

C.H. Robinson is expanding its global footprint in key strategic global markets. C.H. Robinson recently opened new offices in Asia and Canada and acquired APC Logistics, a leading provider of freight forwarding and customs brokerage services in the Oceania region. These expansions have led to 15 new C.H. Robinson Global ... [+]

10th Anniversary Prompts Giving Day

Ten years ago, C.H. Robinson and Western Growers formed the Western Growers Transportation Program to provide supply chain solutions for fresh produce growers in North America. To celebrate the anniversary of this program, C.H. Robinson and Western Growers hosted a Giving Day on August 24, 2016, across the country, using C.H. Robinson’s Bethlehem, ... [+]

C.H. Robinson Opens Second Air Freight Screening Facility

C.H. Robinson opened a new state of the art certified cargo screening facility (CCSF) in Carson, CA, on January 27 that will better support air service in the Los Angeles area, reduce delays for customers, and improve tracking capabilities. This is the second CCSF operated by C.H. Robinson. The first ... [+]

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