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TA Cargo stresses sensitive cold chain shipments

[ July 1, 2016   //   ]

Turkish Air Cargo logistics opertions are cold chain savvy. It prepares cold chain shipments to protect contents and prevent deterioration. All medical supply shipments are executed in accordance with IATA regulations.
“We offer our customers various services including temperature-controlled active and passive systems,” says Ýsmail Çay, TA Cargo manager. “With our active cooling system containers, we can have cold-chain transportation in airplanes, including loading and unloading areas.”
To prevent cargoes from being exposed to often changing temperatures during flights, TA Cargo uses use Envirotainer active temperature-controlled containers. This way the carrier is capable of maintaining the desired temperatures for highly sensitive cargoes such as medical supplies, vaccine, insülin and cancer drugs, even during long-distance flights.
Its data entry log makes it possible for TA Cargo to report to customers any temperature changes to their shipments during the whole transportation process. “Thanks to our agreements we’ve made with international container suppliers, we can realize shipments between -20°C and +25°C at the demanded circumstance and capacity,” Çay adds.
Active container demands of customers are assessed by TA Cargo expert teams. “On request, our containers are installed with a temperature setting by our certified experts and delivered to our clients ready to be loaded to the plane,” he says.”After the acceptance of the container, it is carried into the active container storage area at our facility.”
The temperature and battery charge is monitored in designated periods according to instructions given in Active Container Regulations. The temperature and battery charge of the container is constantly monitored until its delivery to the recipient.
“To this end, we’ll continue to carry out related training and certification programs to equip our employees and business partners with the knowledge and competence on this project,” Çay stresses .
Simultaneously, he explains that TA Cargo is trying to eliminate technical and infrastructure shortcomings, thus reaching a level where the carrier can offer services complying with itsr quality standards, and medicine and active container transport regulations.
“As Turkish Cargo, we’ll continue to provide technology-driven logistics solutions to individual customers and major corporations,” he says. “We’ll work to make Istanbul one of the biggest players in the air cargo trade between East and West, benefitting from its strategic location at the center of world trade routes.”