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Swiss WorldCargo, Sonoco ThermoSafe Announce Global Master Lease Agreement

[ November 3, 2023   //   ]

Swiss WorldCargo has announced its partnership with Sonoco ThermoSafe. The two industry leaders have signed a global master lease agreement for the deployment of Sonoco ThermoSafe’s innovative Pegasus ULD® temperature-controlled bulk shipping container. This collaboration paves the way for pharmaceutical freight forwarders to access the Pegasus ULD® fleet directly through Swiss WorldCargo as of Winter Timetable 2023/2024, further enhancing the safe and efficient transportation of customers’ cargo shipments.

Sonoco ThermoSafe’s Pegasus ULD® represents a modern, FAA and EASA-approved solution that enables cost-effective international airfreight handling and customs processes. With the creation of their Pegasus ULD® Sonoco ThermoSafe with composite materials, Sonoco ThermoSafe is showcasing a strong commitment to sustainability, offering a solution that is both lighter and more damage-resistant compared to traditional metal containers. Additionally, the container incorporates a fully integrated, FAA-approved telemetry system, providing real-time, cloud-based data on payload, ambient temperature, and other critical environmental factors, all precisely synchronized with GPS location.

Swiss WorldCargo, renowned for its dedication to safeguarding the integrity of pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments, operates an extensive CEIV Pharma certified global pharma network, including its Zurich hub, which is double certified – GDP compliant by Swissmedic and IATA CEIV Pharma. Recently, Swiss WorldCargo announced the launch of SWISS Pharma and Healthcare, its new flexible product designed to meet the unique growing needs of its customers in regard to pharmaceuticals logistics.

“We are excited to partner with Swiss WorldCargo. Healthcare companies and their logistics providers can access the Pegasus ULD fleet via Swiss WorldCargo’s extensive global network and through their branded products SWISS Pharma & Healthcare, General Cargo and Perishables. We are delighted the Pegasus ULD will offer a unique choice for pharma shippers as a one-of-a-kind Advanced Passive Temperature Controlled Container (TCC)”, said Bourji Mourad, Director of Global Logistics and Partner Management for Sonoco ThermoSafe’s Bulk Rental Group.

Christian Wyss, Head of Cargo Offering Development and Steering at Swiss WorldCargo, stated: “Our SWISS Pharma and Healthcare product has been highly refined to meet the evolving demands of our customers when it comes to pharmaceutical consignments. We look forward to offering soon the Pegasus ULD as part of our transportation/temperature solutions for rental, ensuring further safe and efficient transport of time- and temperature-sensitive healthcare freight.”

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