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Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad Unveils New Environment-Friendly Locomotive

[ April 25, 2019   //   ]

OmniTRAX, Inc., one of the largest privately held transportation service companies in North America and an affiliate of The Broe Group, and the Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad (STE) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony recently for a new environment-friendly locomotive at the STE depot in San Juaquin County, CA. It was purchased with the help of a grant from the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Central District (UAPCD).

The new STE locomotive is a KLW SE10B T4L unit built by Knoxville Locomotive Works (KLW) in Knoxville, TN. It is EPA Tier-4 compliant delivering 1,050 HP from an MTU 2000 V12 prime mover and features a new paint scheme that matches the OmniTRAX brand.

“This new state-of-the-art locomotive is the result of hard work by many individuals from the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Central District, OmniTRAX, KLW and other stakeholders, and will enhance the quality of life in Stockton and nearby communities. The Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad wouldn’t have been able to replace its old locomotive without their determined effort,” said Kevin Shuba, CEO of OmniTRAX.

“We also appreciate the ongoing support of Congressman Jerry McNerney, who has been vigilant in promoting tax credits for environment-friendly rail projects at the federal level, and the other state and local officials who are trying to advance sustainable transportation.”

The grant was part of the UAPCD’s Locomotive Program, which provides incentive funds for the replacement of older locomotives with new, energy efficient models. It is one of several voluntary incentive programs targeted at reducing emissions throughout the Valley that the District administers.

“This project is a major step in our efforts throughout the Valley to improve public health through financial incentives to reduce pollution.” “Improving the health and quality of life in disadvantaged communities such as around the Port of Stockton is important to me and the Air District,” said Stockton City Councilmember and Valley Air District Governing Board Member Christina Fugazi.

“Despite major reductions in emissions, the Valley continues to face difficult challenges in meeting federal air-quality standards,” said Samir Sheikh, the Executive Director / Air Pollution Control Officer of the Valley Air District. “It will be difficult for the Valley to attain the standards for ozone and particulates without these innovative low-emission locomotive projects.”

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