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Sterling Transportation Adds a Dynamic Duo

[ September 13, 2022   //   ]

Sterling Transportation is excited to announce the addition of two superstars to the Sterling team: Scott Klever comes aboard as Executive Vice President of Sales and Jaye Fenner as Vice President of Sales.

Together they bring more than a half-century of experience in the transportation and logistics sector. The Sterling companies have had steady and strong growth over the past few years. Adding this powerful duo to an already impressive sales force will be the foundation of the next tier of expansion.

With a B.S. in Transportation from the University of Akron and more than three decades of transportation and logistics experience, Scott Klever was an obvious pick to lead Sterling Transportation’s sales into the future. Starting on the docks and then growing into local then regional and national sales and operations management, Scott has carded a lifetime of skills in asset-based LTL and FTL and non-asset logistics leadership. In addition, he’s added all of the necessary tools to help Sterling Transportation’s growth with direct C-suite relationships, M&A, P&L and strategic planning.