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SMS, Inc. new on-site services could save trucking companies millions

[ March 14, 2019   //   ]

Safety Management Systems, Inc. (SMS), an EHS and regulatory compliance provider, has launched a timely new approach to DOT compliance and accident preventability determination that could save trucking companies millions of dollars in potential claims and fines.

 As part of its SMS360 safety incident management system and workplace compliance solutions, SMS now offers FLEET360 on-site fleet safety compliance services to help companies manage their regulatory responsibilities. Services include “Accident Preventability Determination (APD)” as well as DOT and OSHA compliance safety audits, performed by a team of professionals with over 40 years of experience in accident investigation, safety management and workplace compliance.

 The availability of on-site fleet safety compliance services comes at a crucial time for the trucking industry, when regulations are becoming more restrictive and costlier and regulatory fines have reached unprecedented levels.

 There are now over 1,300 pages of Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSA) and Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) regulations that companies are required to follow, with non-compliance potentially resulting in catastrophic penalties and accidents.

 “If a truck crashes, it’s their name all over it,” said Bob Petrancosta, SMS’ Vice President of Fleet Safety and Compliance. “The reputational and financial risks are enormous. The DOT can even close you down.”

 “We help protect you from that by helping you manage your safety and workplace compliance. We can come out and do it on-site, and we can even give you a complete roadmap of what you need to improve and how to make sure you’re not the next negative news story.”

 With SMS’ APD services, each accident is analyzed individually, and facts are gathered according to industry guidelines to determine preventability, modify behavior and increase a driver’s understanding of how to prevent future accidents.

 The two services are part of a full complement of on-site safety management and workplace compliance services, including driver qualification files management; vehicle management and compliance; fleet accident risk management; CSA compliance strategies; and OSHA general industry compliance safety audits.

By using Fleet360 services and software and the SMS360 OSHA compliance solution, companies can ensure training and compliance as well as driver and workplace safety without relying on internal resources or being open to bias and emotion.

 The end results are increased safety and compliance, which help lower insurance costs, encourage external investment, maintain a positive reputation, and protect companies financially.


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