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SmartCargo joins Cargo iQ

[ May 23, 2022   //   ]

Provider of cloud-based air cargo solutions to the global air cargo industry SmartKargo has joined cross-stakeholder organization Cargo iQ.

SmartKargo offers a suite of scalable applications including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a booking portal, and its end-to-end e-commerce shipping solution for global airlines.

It joins Cargo iQ as part of a long-term objective to bring key quality enhancements to the air cargo industry.

“Establishing consistent quality management standards requires transparency and collaboration among supply chain partners who bring a variety of perspectives to the conversation,” said Milind Tavshikar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), SmartKargo.

“We joined Cargo iQ to bring our unique experience to this important interest group and look forward to contributing as well as being inspired by our industry colleagues.

“Together, we can ensure that standards of quality management evolve steadily in this industry that is so important to the world.”

Following exponential growth in global e-commerce sales, SmartKargo saw an opportunity for airlines to adopt end-to-end integrated logistics for e-commerce parcel shipments, from online transaction to delivery to the customer’s door.

The software provider launched a customizable e-commerce solution that can be bolted on to existing air cargo management systems, enabling airlines to expand their markets and earn higher rates versus traditional cargo.

Airlines in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Norway are among the early adopters and have significantly grown their cargo revenues by shipping e-commerce products on passenger aircraft.

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