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SeaLand adds Port of Hueneme to WCCA service

[ October 15, 2016   //   ]

SeaLand has introduced the Port of Hueneme as a new port call on its West Coast Central America (WCCA) Service.  This direct service started on Sept. 13, 2016. WCCA offers weekly service between Southern California, Mexico, Central America, and the West Coast of South America, a total of 10 port calls throughout the region.  The Port of Hueneme, the port that farmers built, north of Los Angeles, provides additional coverage of agricultural, automotive and consumer epicenters in the U.S. Southwest and offers shippers an alternative gateway in Southern California.

The WCCA service port calls includes:  The Port of Hueneme, Los Angeles, Ensenada, Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Quetzal, Acajutla, Corinto, Balboa, Guayaquil and Paita.  A relay service is also offered from Chile and Callao in Peru.

The Port of Hueneme, which specializes in refrigerated cargo, is well suited to the volume of fresh fruit bound for the U.S. Southwest from Latin America. Fruit importers will achieve an efficient infrastructure including faster inspections and nearby cold storage facilities that specialize in fruit shipments. The Port of Hueneme is also one hour from the Los Angeles metro area, the largest urban center on the West Coast with a population of 12,900,000, offering shippers close proximity to this important market.

Dr. Manuel Lopez President, Board of Harbor Commissioners, said, “We are excited about the opportunities SeaLand’s business line brings to our region’s businesses and the strengthening of the Port’s ties to Latin America.”

“Sealand brings a valuable weekly service to the Port supporting those regional customers that grow and handle fresh fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, cotton and hay. Additionally, the service strengthens the Port’s connections with Central and South America, our long-term target trade lanes which promises to enhance our longstanding relationships with fresh fruit importers and exporters,” said Kristin Decas, CEO & Port Director Port of Hueneme.

Craig Mygatt, CEO of SeaLand, said, “SeaLand works closely with customers to provide the best routings possible for their supply chain needs. Shipping is by far the most fuel efficient method of transporting goods and has the lowest carbon footprint, compared to trucking and air, depending on the corridors used. Port Hueneme not only is an alternative shipping option for produce that is typically trucked from Mexico.  It is also a gateway for the produce center of California improving the distribution of goods coming to or from the Valley.”