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Sea Rescue

[ July 21, 2016   //   ]

When the two transmitted their distress call on July 4, the “Hamburg Express”, flagship of Hapag-Lloyd’s fleet, was among a number of ships that happened to be in the area. Over two hours after the distress call went out, the second officer spotted the small yacht as it was pitching and rolling under sail among 2.5-meter-high waves.

The crew of the “Hamburg Express” immediately initiated a rescue maneuver. With the high sideboard of the ship sheltering them from wind and waves, the crew succeeded in establishing a rope connection with the boat, which then allowed them to bring the couple on board via a pilot’s door. As is usual in such cases, the mini-yacht was abandoned to the waves once the rescue operation had been completed, though the “Hamburg Express” did report the unmanned boat’s position to the Coast Guard. There, the rescued couple was able to go ashore at the local harbor.

The lucky pair live in Hong Kong and work in the maritime industry themselves. They immediately thanked Hapag-Lloyd via email, writing: “Your very capable crew of CMS Hamburg Express responded to our distress call when many other vessels did not. We are happy that you employ persons with courageous character. We are especially grateful to the Captain and the First Chief Officer, who accommodated us with great kindness and hospitality. We are forever grateful!”