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SC Ports Posts Strong Growth in Fiscal Year 2017

[ July 27, 2017   //   ]

South Carolina Ports Authority posted significant growth across multiple business segments in fiscal year 2017, exceeding aggressive financial plans for containerized cargo, breakbulk tonnage and rail volumes.

“SCPA had an ambitious growth plan for the 2017 fiscal year, and it is a true accomplishment to have exceeded that plan across all business segments,” said SCPA president and CEO Jim Newsome. “Amid uncertainty in the industry due to the consolidation of ocean carriers, SCPA successfully continued our growth trend well above the U.S. port market average. Through the expansion of import-export business in our region as well as successful efforts to recruit cargo from the Midwest and Gulf markets, it was a positive fiscal year for us and we expect continued growth into our new year.”

SCPA handled 2.14 million TEUs in FY2017, an increase of 10% over the previous year and an all-time high volume for the Port.

Over 1.21 million pier containers, or boxes, moved across SCPA docks during the fiscal year, setting a new volume record. Relative to fiscal year volume plans, the Port handled nearly 3% more containers in FY2017.

In breakbulk cargo, Charleston tonnage exceeded planned volumes by 8.8% with 846,952 pier tons handled from July through June. Within the non-containerized cargo segment, SCPA moved 258,455 finished vehicles across the docks of the Columbus Street Terminal in FY2017.

The fiscal year marked strong growth of SCPA’s intermodal volume, and today nearly a quarter of the Port’s containerized cargo moves by rail. Charleston’s RapidRail volumes increased 12.1% from FY2016 to FY2017, and volumes in this program reached an all-time high in May and June with 25,002 and 22,129 moves handled, respectively.

Expansion of cargo at Inland Port Greer, where rail lifts exceeded FY2017 plans by 11%, played a key role in the Port’s overall rail growth.┬áThe facility finished the fiscal year with a record 121,761 rail lifts.