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RoadOne Announces Distribution Center in Virginia

[ March 11, 2022   //   ]

RoadOne IntermodaLogistics, a single source intermodal, distribution, and logistics services company, announced that it’s building a 340,000 square foot distribution and fulfillment center in Norfolk, VA. This location will be one of the premier transload facilities in the Norfolk market due to its close proximity of less than 6 miles from The Port of Virginia, and will be the 4th new transload facility that RoadOne has added to its portfolio within the last 14-months.

This tier one facility is expected to be delivered by August 2022 and will have 80 dock doors for loading and unloading trucks, as well as over 800 trailer parking spots. RoadOne will also be working in collaboration with the Port of Virginia to implement sustainable green transportation with electric drayage trucks, which will travel between the Port and the new facility, as well as electric yard jockeys for repositioning containers.

The Port of Virginia has committed to dredging the commercial channels that serve the Norfolk Harbor to 55 feet by 2024 in order to accommodate super-size cargo vessels, as well as two-way shipping traffic. This facility is well situated to serve the increased flow of containerized imports to the U.S. East Coast. Being the closest tier one facility to the Port of Virginia, this new facility offers an ideal location to support the transloading of ocean containers to free up container equipment and helps customers fend off container fees, such as detention and demurrage.

“RoadOne’s strategic decision to build a distribution and fulfillment center in Norfolk holds real value for the company and The Port of Virginia,” said Stephen A. Edwards, CEO and executive director of the Virginia Port Authority. “For the port, having RoadOne just a short distance from our terminals gives us much needed transload capacity and a 3PL with a national reputation in our market. RoadOne will be able to help its customers capitalize on the efficiency, growth and global reach of our port. We are excited about the opportunities to come having RoadOne as a neighbor and partner, and are looking forward to a very productive, long-lasting relationship.”

“We are confident this is an ideal location to support the efficient handling of global imports and are very pleased to collaborate with the Port of Virginia to get this facility up and running. The facility will be well situated to address today’s growing need for e-commerce fulfillment that positions products closer to consumers,” said Kendall Kellaway, Senior Vice President of Commercial at RoadOne IntermodaLogistics. “Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with timely, strategic resources including truck capacity, distribution and logistics solutions, that help improve cargo velocity and the effective movement of goods to their customers.”

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